The Made Tech Productionisation Checklist

The SRE team at Made Tech have created a checklist that they use to evaluate the new projects for their readiness to be productionised.

We evaluate the projects in the following areas:

  • Testability
  • Availability of different environments
  • Database durability
  • Continuous Delivery Pipeline
  • Logging
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Dependency upgrade and Vulnerability alerts

In addition to these requirements, we also expect projects to use source control management, provide a mechanism to seed the local database environment and adhere to our standards (RFCS) for areas such as Makefiles and code editor defaults.

The full checklist can be seen here:

Why does this list exists?

We believe that following this list will encourage teams to consistently follow best practices and improve their projects, which would lead to making a greater impact by delivering faster and learning more.

How to apply this to your project

  1. Copy the checklist for your project - new tab in the spreadsheet.
  2. Continuously update the checklist, at least once a month.
  3. Provide feedback, addition and removal of points to the Chalet.


Each project that has a unique set of staff/team members, instances and stack, should have its own checklist.

Definition of Done

Once you’re comfortable that you have satisfied the criteria, tick the box. If you’re on the fence, don’t.

How to measure success

We measure success by considering the following points:

Improving the reliability of applications for users


  • All teams tracking positive progress on checklist
  • Low level of bugs being reported
  • Customers perceive our applications to be reliable
  • User perceive our applications to be reliable

When will we review

  • Monthly p15n check-in during Learn Tech before quarterly update

What do we want to see

  • See >5% improvement per month per application
  • Positive feedback regarding low level of bugs when interviewing delivery managers
  • Positive review from customer from delivery managers

Customers are aware of productionisation best practices and can see the quality we bake into applications


  • Delivery managers are reporting on p15n checklist in their fortnightly reports
  • Product owner actively promoting the reliability of our applications and the quality we bake in
  • Customers can easily understand items in the p15n checklist

When will we review

  • Monthly p15n check-in during Learn Tech before quarterly update

What do we want to see

  • Every fortnightly report includes p15n checklist
  • Delivery manager able to point to the prioritisation of improving p15n checklist
  • Positive interview with customer regarding their understanding of p15n


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